About Way to Tea



The Way to Tea: Your Adventure Guide to San Francisco Tea Culture  is a colorful, whimsical exploration and celebration of America’s blossoming tea culture at its epicenter–the San Francisco Bay Area.

The first and only book of its kind to showcase the very diverse San Francisco tea scene (and its proprietors), The Way to Tea is a hardcover volume with more than 125 full color images.  The book introduces both the newcomer and the serious tea connoisseur to some of the most diverse and enchanting tea experiences in the world.  It includes a brief history of tea and tea culture and a basic tea compendium to get readers up to speed on how experts judge teas, from processing methods to terroir and harvest season.


“As a believer in the power of well-researched and opinionated guide books, I raise my tea cup to Jennifer, who leads her readers to experience the relatively unexplored territory of high quality tea.”
-Patricia Unterman, author of San Francisco Food Lover’s Guide

Sauer is a “hometown author behind one of the best cookbooks of the year.”

7×7 Magazine

“Spring gardens, ocean spray, mountain vistas,
tasting tea awakens
dormant places inside:
the spirit lifts, the soul sits up
the way to tea is your companion
guiding you there
into the quiet
refined, bright lively, engaging world of tea”

-Edward Espe Brown, Zen Priest and author of The Greens Cookbook, The Tassahara Bread Book, and Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings.

Author Jennifer Sauer talks about tea culture including tea and coffee makers in San Francisco.