tea notes

_MG_3230.jpgSome teas are unforgettable, indeed. But knowing so well that nuances of even the finest teas can be lost from the imagination, we created a tea diary for those who want one hundred per cent recall (like we do).

This tea diary begins with a seven-page introduction on steeping teas, tea terminology, and an explanation of the notes pages.  The next 120+ pages are all yours for recording the sensual facets of your teas.

Journal entry pages provide a template for judging teas from aroma and mouthfeel to leaf characteristics and brewing specs. The back of each page is left blank for you to include any additional notes that suit your particular interests.

Use a separate journal for each tea merchant whose teas you love, or for each tea type or simply use the diary  as a chronological record of your tea adventures.

We have recreated for you the template that we use ourselves in sampling and rating teas, and hope you will find this to be an asset to your tea education.